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The Koch Brothers: Ruining Science And The Environment.

There’s a buzz right now about “top scientists… demanding natural history museums cut all ties to the fossil fuel industry.” As “science museums shouldn’t have on their boards people who are actively funding the denial of science”…. Which is a “duh”, … Continue reading

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Permaculture (An Insiders View of Modern Environmentalism)

Permaculture (noun) “the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.” However, permaculture is much more than just self-sufficient, sustainable agriculture. We look to Graham Bell, as stated in his book, The Permaculture Way, for a greater, more wholesome definition: “Permaculture is … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Who Doesn’t Believe, And Why?

Great news: A grand total of 56 individuals took the survey. Which really is good news. The results, as far as “believe” or “don’t believe” (in general terms) were rather predictable: 49 said yes, 1 said IDK, and 6 said … Continue reading

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Are Humans Part of “The Environment?”

How interesting, really. Something that has always confused me is how humanity has somehow separated itself from the environment: As if to suggest humans did not spawn from it; as if to say what we eat, breath, and drink does … Continue reading

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What Can I Do? I’m Just One Person.

Feeling small? As I’m sure we have all felt at one point, whether that be while picking up trash in an ocean of debris, recycling a handful of empty pop cans facing a mountain of thousands, or helping one person … Continue reading

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Is Climate Change Real?

As promised…. So, using brilliantly simple software – SurveyMonkey – I have made a survey of 6 questions aimed to prod answers from my local community about their thoughts on climate change. Originally I had said “the student body” but … Continue reading

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Denying The Scientific Method

I’ve “always” been a proponent of the scientific method, and thus been stricken with curiosity as to how others can deny scientific study, review, and scholar. A friend from L.A., Chris, suggested I read an article regarding human ability to … Continue reading

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