Climate Change: Who Doesn’t Believe, And Why?

Great news: A grand total of 56 individuals took the survey. Which really is good news.

The results, as far as “believe” or “don’t believe” (in general terms) were rather predictable: 49 said yes, 1 said IDK, and 6 said no, in regards to “do you believe the earth’s climate is [abnormally] changing” and “do you believe humans are creating/influencing this change.”

Considering that Graceland is a quite liberal school and (using my personal social media to “spread the word” to take the survey) my facebook friends are, generally, more liberal, I figured the results would be skewed, at least a little bit. In comparison to national averages, however, we’re actually pretty close: according to Scientific American, “The latest surveys show that 89 percent of Democrats, 79 percent of independents and 70 percent of Republicans already believe global warming is happening and is at least partly caused by human actions.” My results fit within that data, with 87.5% of the survey-takers in support. So, perhaps not as skewed as thought.

Regardless, the information gathered is interesting and useful, as I was more interested in digging into the reasoning behind those that deny human involvement in climate change. Most of the responses (those denying) are pretty legitimate (and are concerns definitely worth addressing), while some are just plain creepy

Here are some of the more interesting results:

Do you believe the Earth’s climate is changing? Why or why not?”

  • “No. I think it has been miserably cold every winter and summers have been pretty mild so I don’t understand how global warming could be occurring.”
  • “Yes… it’s cyclical… [the] climate is always changing.”
  • “No, 40 years ago it was global cooling they said. Then they said it was global warming. Now they call it climate change. I call it weather.”

“If yes [to the earth’s climate changing], do you believe humans are responsible for/contributing to this change? Why or why not?”

  • “No… We are not significant enough to significantly impact the earth’s climate.”
  • “Yes because we were disobedient to God’s instructions by eating the fruit thus introducing the knowledge of evil. i.e. doing something against God’s will.”

Do you think most people do or do not believe in climate change?

  • “Propaganda has influenced most people to believe it. Questionable science has been used.”
  • “I think scientist and politicians have lied and mislead people too many times that the average person doesn’t believe anything scientist[s] say.”

Do you believe scientists agree or disagree about humans affecting climate change? Why or why not?

  • “No, there is disagreement about climate change. However, if you listen to many liberal media outlets, you would be inclined to thing that indeed scientists are in total agreement with each other!”
  • “Scientists make this stuff up so that their jobs are justified.”

Any other thoughts about climate change? 

  • “Crazy weather is God’s judgment on sinners. See exodus 9:14 for more facts and details.”
  • “What if, the earth is just running its course and climate change is natural. We’ve seen it before, thousands of years ago and what if it’s just happening again?”

I wrote an article in The Tower addressing many of these, directly – providing reliable facts (predominately from NASA and some IGO’s) that disproved or approved these opinions. Except for the God arguments… those just leave me contemplating how anyone can believe such things (still today)…

However, I’ve learned that “spewing facts” at these people rarely helps, though. So, we’re at a bit of a standstill…. What to do… What to do…

What do you think? I’d really like to open up the dialogue here on this issue:

  • What is effective?
  • What is ineffective?
  • Success stories?
  • Anything else?

If you have anything to say that MIGHT BE SLIGHTLY HELPFUL, say it.



About tkvogelsang

I'm a people person. I enjoy pointed conversation and mature debate. I admire the great thinkers: those who uplifted reason, scholar, and secondary opinion. I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, but find i'm nothing like the people there. I'm liberal, but no Democrat; peaceful, but no pacifist; competitive, but no capitalist; ambitious, but no elitist; a "Buddhist Athiest" (someone who reads and strives to follow the Buddha's teachings, but avid skeptic) raised Christian; and many other dichotomies. In many ways, I'm surprised to be the product I am. I love the outdoors. I love gardening, admire sustainable creation and design, endorse creative thinking and problem solving, and strive to learn as much as I possibly can. I am in a constant search for more travel. Travel, to me, is of utmost importance. It opens the mind and heart. I have many mothers because of it. I have many families that have taken me in and treated me as their own child. It's experiences like these that are not discovered at home, and worth experiencing. Just do. Go. You'll like it.
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