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The Failing Environmental Movement.

“Environmental Failure: A Case for a New Green Politics” Have you ever put much thought into what environmentalists have been doing? Where the Green Movement has been moving? Success? Failure? Well, research “environmental movement” … it doesn’t exactly contain the fairytale … Continue reading

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The GrowHaus

I mentioned The GrowHaus (a nonprofit organization in Denver, CO) before. Today I wanted to delve more into this organization, perhaps highlight some of their best practices, and see exactly what they do, and, more importantly, why they’re good at … Continue reading

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Human Impact on Earth.

A facebook friend shared this link, which presented photos of human impact on specific and diverse areas of earth, earlier today. I fell in love… in a twisted, cynical way. Here are some of those photographs, for your pleasure. Enjoy… our … Continue reading

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California’s Drought.

An article in National Geographic explains the crisis in California due to water shortages more thoroughly. Here’s the gist: “Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown announced his state’s first-ever mandatory water restrictions, in an effort to cope with four years of … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather in U.S. Caused $19 Billion in Damage in 2014

An article from ThinkProgress found that extreme weather inside the United States, in 2014, alone, caused $19 billion in damages. Hey look, my home state, hosting the leading deniers of climate change, is number 1 on the list! That is, the state … Continue reading

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Ernst Being a Politician.

I’m disappointed (and, really, can only blame myself). I spent 3 hours researching, verifying sources, and phrasing a single question for her… And she acted as predicted – blocked it. Well done, Ernst. Despite her “trajectory” being started by the … Continue reading

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Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst at Graceland

Yesterday (Tuesday, March 31st) Senator Chuck Grassley came to Graceland’s campus. Today, Senator Joni Ernst will be speaking, too. This is an opportunity to ask MY representatives questions about Climate Change and there positions (Grassley who says “no” and Ernst … Continue reading

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