Extreme Weather in U.S. Caused $19 Billion in Damage in 2014

An article from ThinkProgress found that extreme weather inside the United States, in 2014, alone, caused $19 billion in damages.


Hey look, my home state, hosting the leading deniers of climate change, is number 1 on the list! That is, the state with most damage. Ironic, perhaps (although not certain).

Without attempting to draw too many lines…

Do you think these numbers will only increase as weather extremes are more frequently produced? What are your thoughts on the real consequences of climate change? Does putting it in terms of real dollar signs help the argument?

I think so. Fortunately (and unfortunately), many, especially politicians, respond to $$$ signs. I think this tool could be useful for promoting environmentalism – we are suffering tangible consequences to climate change, therefore we should do….

Perhaps it will help get the ball rolling in discussion with climate deniers: citizens and representatives.

Here’s an excerpt of thought regarding the issue…

“Evidence shows that we are living in an era of extreme weather,” the report said. “If trends continue, the government must increase investments in resilience strategies, such as climate-smart pre-disaster mitigation, fortified infrastructure, sustainable resource management planning, and scientific research.”

To read the full article, click here


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