Why The Site?

First and foremost, glad you’re here.

I’m hoping it’s because you wish to share your experiences, thoughts and ideas about today’s “Green Movement” and Activist life while I present experiences, experiments, thoughts, movements and ideas through my own perspective.

Sharing and Learning, together.


In others words, lets make community. And I use that term as loosely and freely as possible. As I hope it will be demonstrated, community building: at local, state, national, and global levels, is an excellent instrument for creating change and being a successful unit for fighting the good fights. And, not just the “good” fight, but the right fight. It’s important to recognize and distinguish between those. We’ll get back to that.

But when I say fight, I’m meaning the green initiatives of today’s world: responsible corporation emphasis, local gardening and regenerative farming, sustainable initiatives and creative designs, invessel and vermicomposting techniques, the frustrations of the politicized global warming “debate”, alternative, clean energies, good things happening in your community, and more. There’s so much out there, and I want to hear it all.

Speaking of, feel free to explore my own ideas in these pages. Really, please do. And, let me know what you think. Lets share ideas (engage).

Last note – and, an important one, in proper brainstorming, there are two rules:
1. No criticism of ideas, and 2. No idea is too big.

Let’s promote a healthy environment for bettering our environment.

Plant in hands

So lets start talking.


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