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Eliminating Waste Through Design

Ever heard of the 3 R’s? Well, there’s a 4th one, too. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regenerate. Great concept, and a thoughtful way to help people work to diminish waste. Except, it doesn’t exactly approach the problem from its source… And the … Continue reading

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Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst at Graceland

Yesterday (Tuesday, March 31st) Senator Chuck Grassley came to Graceland’s campus. Today, Senator Joni Ernst will be speaking, too. This is an opportunity to ask MY representatives questions about Climate Change and there positions (Grassley who says “no” and Ernst … Continue reading

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The Koch Brothers: Ruining Science And The Environment.

There’s a buzz right now about “top scientists… demanding natural history museums cut all ties to the fossil fuel industry.” As “science museums shouldn’t have on their boards people who are actively funding the denial of science”…. Which is a “duh”, … Continue reading

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Permaculture (An Insiders View of Modern Environmentalism)

Permaculture (noun) “the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.” However, permaculture is much more than just self-sufficient, sustainable agriculture. We look to Graham Bell, as stated in his book, The Permaculture Way, for a greater, more wholesome definition: “Permaculture is … Continue reading

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