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Solar Panels Powering The World: True or False?

You hear a lot of myths permeating the solar industry: inefficiencies, storage problems, viability, costliness, conversion issues, output, etc. etc. For this exercise, though, I want you to forget everything “you know” about solar energy, and for two reasons: First, … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather in U.S. Caused $19 Billion in Damage in 2014

An article from ThinkProgress found that extreme weather inside the United States, in 2014, alone, caused $19 billion in damages. Hey look, my home state, hosting the leading deniers of climate change, is number 1 on the list! That is, the state … Continue reading

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The Koch Brothers: Ruining Science And The Environment.

There’s a buzz right now about “top scientists… demanding natural history museums cut all ties to the fossil fuel industry.” As “science museums shouldn’t have on their boards people who are actively funding the denial of science”…. Which is a “duh”, … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Who Doesn’t Believe, And Why?

Great news: A grand total of 56 individuals took the survey. Which really is good news. The results, as far as “believe” or “don’t believe” (in general terms) were rather predictable: 49 said yes, 1 said IDK, and 6 said … Continue reading

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A Survey

Next week I plan to survey students at my university (Graceland University, in Lamoni, IA) about their thoughts on climate change. Lamoni is a pretty conservative place (being in southern Iowa, in the heart of the midwest and all) and … Continue reading

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